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race materials / promo LOGO DECAL COLOR SIZE PART# RETAIL BLACK/YELLOW 7.5" 2043991017 $ 1.50 DEALER STICKER 10 x 3 2045769999223 $ 22.95 COLOR SIZE PART# RETAIL YELLOW 100pcs 2091521017 $ 24.95 COLOR SIZE PART# RETAIL YELLOW/BLACK 8.5" X 4.25"" 2043971017 $ 3.95 COLOR PART# RETAIL BLACK/YELLOW 2421171040 $ 3.95 YELLOW/BLACK 2421171017 $ 3.95 ACERBIS DECALS ACERBIS LOGO DECAL SHEET ACERBIS RACE STICKER SHEET PLASTIC BAG BLACK/YELLOW YELLOW/BLACK Acerbis plastic bags are great for dealers to send product home with customers. They also work great for promoters to make "goodie-bags" to give out at races and banquets. Thick plastic ensures the bottom will not blow out. Comes in box of 100.

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