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This Acerbis Tent is the ultimate popup tent! Constructed of hexigonal aluminum tubing, the frame is incredibly strong and sturdy, and it is also adjustable for different heights. Unlike some inferior popups, the Acerbis tent can be raised and lowered while staked down; it can be lowered over the bikes at night and quickly raised again in the morning without hassle. The tent fabric is durable and sharp looking. Acerbis A logos ensure that your pit will standout. Includes heavy duty carrying bag with dual zippered ends, multiple carry handles, roller wheels, and a pocket for the included stakes. acerbis tent track accessories COLOR SIZE PART# RETAIL YELLOW/BLACK 8x2 ft 2205931040 $ 29.95 ACERBIS BANNER COLOR SIZE PART# RETAIL YELLOW/BLACK 25pk, 8.5x8" 2205921040 $ 11.95 COLOR PART# RETAIL YELLOW 2142431040 $ 499.95 COLOR PART# RETAIL YELLOW/ BLACK 2378881017 $ 900.00 Acerbis track arrows are bright yellow cards with black arrows that clearly point the direction of the race course. They are printed on 8.5Ð Ð 8Ð heavy duty cards that do not rip when stapled. Comes in pack of 25. FINISH BALLOON ACERBIS TRACK ARROWS

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