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N O S T R E A R f e n d e r The Acerbis Supermoto Evo is a result of our R&D department's focus on supermoto. Taking advantage of the smaller diameter of the front wheel, a sophisticated venting system allows fresh air to flow over the radiators. The result is optimal bike performance, even in hot weather conditions. Front fender is made up of two parts, which allows easy dis-assembly of the rear section without the need to remove the front section. • Perfect for use in hot and dry weather conditions. • Constructed of Polypropylene. An aerodynamic design and unique styling makes this universal fender a perfect application for supermoto bikes. It can also be used on older bikes, freestyle bikes, and minis. Fender comes undrilled without mounting holes, allowing it to be custom fit to most bikes. The NOST was the first fender ever produced by Acerbis' founder, Franco Acerbis. This universal fender is light, flexible, and adapts to all off-road models. • 4.5 inches wide at mounting point. The universal NOST rear fender can be modified to work on all dirt bikes. • 7.25 inches wide at mounting point. COLOR PART# RETAIL BLACK 2040370001 $ 19.95 WHITE 2040370002 $ 19.95 YELLOW 2040370005 $ 19.95 COLOR PART# RETAIL BLACK/BLACK 2072680001 $ 44.95 COLOR PART# RETAIL BLACK 2040390001 $ 29.95 WHITE 2040390002 $ 29.95 GREEN 2040390006 $ 29.95 YZ BLUE 2040390211 $ 29.95 00 CR Red 2040390227 $ 29.95 01 RM Yellow 2040390230 $ 29.95 KTM ORANGE 2040390237 $ 29.95 COLOR PART# RETAIL BLACK 2040760001 $ 24.95 WHITE 2040760002 $ 24.95 s u p e r m o t o e v o f r o n t f e n d e r s u p e r m o t a r d f r o n t f e n d e r N O S T f r o n t f e n d e r 126

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