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SIZE MODEL PART# RETAIL SMALL KTM 2-STK (all) BUT MINIS 2044160001 $ 14.95 GAS CAP GASKET 2050549999 $ 9.95 SIZE COLOR PART# RETAIL LARGE 2070749999 $ 14.95 LARGE CARBON COLOR 2070740055 $ 14.95 GAS CAP GASKET 2044170001 $ 9.95 SIZE PART# RETAIL LOCKING 2070769999 $ 34.95 COLOR PART# RETAIL BLACK 2114469999 $ 69.95 PART# RETAIL 2160160001 $ 39.95 ADAPTER FOR MDR/ DRY BRAKE (does not include cap) S M A L L G A S C A P l a r g e G A S C A P l o c k i n g G A S C A P M D R G A S p l a s t i c a d a p t e r 123 FUEL TANKS • ALL ACERBIS FUEL TANKS ARE FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY. NOT DOT/CE APPROVED CERTIFIED

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